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ADT - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Tierzüchter e.V.
Head Office: Adenauerallee 174 • D-53113 Bonn
EU liaision office: Rue du Luxembourg 47-51 • B-1050 Brussels

- Member organisations

The following organisations are full members of ADT:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Rinderzüchter e. V. (ADR)
(German Cattle Breeders Federation)

ADR Logo
As an umbrella organisation for organised cattle breeding, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Rinderzüchter e.V. (ADR) unites all breeders’ associations and insemination centres active in Germany and almost all embryo transfer facilities for cattle, the regional supervisory bodies, milk testing circles and the computer centre in Verden.

The ADR represents the interests of organised cattle breeding at national and international level and coordinates from inside the areas of breeding, insemination, performance testing and breeding estimation inside. To this can be added topical questions that come up in exchanges with politicians and administrators, other umbrella organisations within agriculture and upstream und downstream sectors.

ADR web page

Zentralverband der Deutschen Schweineproduktion e.V. (ZDS)
(Umbrella Association of German Pig Production)


The Zentralverband der Deutschen Schweineproduktion e.V. (ZDS) is the umbrella organisation for German pig production. Members are not only individual farmers, but also regional and supra-regional amalgamations of pig farmers in producer circles, producer groups, breeding organisations, insemination organisations and other amalgamations of producers.

According to its statutes, the task of the Zentralverband is to promote German pig production such that its competitive strength is increased. This is done firstly by actively supporting the work of the various member groups and secondly through the appropriate representation of interests at national and international level.

ZDS web page

Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung (FN)

The Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung, known as the FN for short (from Fédération Equestre Nationale), is the national association for the racing and breeding of horses in Germany. The FN is not only concerned with competition and promoting top-class sport, it is also and above all the umbrella organisation for around 760,000 members in more than 7,100 equestrian associations which perform a wide range of other equestrian tasks.
Coordinating the interests of a total of 27 breeding organisations is another extensive area of the association’s activity for which the FN breeding division is responsible.

Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung web page

Direktorium für Vollblutzucht und -rennen (DVR)

Direktorium für Vollblutzucht und -Rennen (DVR)

The Direktorium für Vollblutzucht und -rennen e.V. (DVR, Association for the breeding and racing of thoroughbreds) promotes thoroughbred breeding and supervises racing in Germany. It is recognised as a breeding organisation according to the German national zootechnical legislation. It is the highest administrative centre for the breeding of thoroughbred horses and for horse-racing in Germany. Another task of DVR is to represent members' concerns at national, European and international level.

Direktorium für Vollblutzucht und -rennen web page

Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft (ZDG)
(Umbrella Organization of German Poultry Production)

As a professional umbrella organisation, the Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e.V. (ZDG) represents the interests of the German poultry industry at national and EU level with regard to political and official as well as professional organisations, the general public and other countries. Its 8,000 or so members are organised into national and regional associations.
The constant intensive collaboration of all areas irrespective of the size of the operation - laying hens, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, marketing - ensures the association works thoroughly and efficiently. Within the ZDG, common interests are combined with the partners of the poultry industry, including upstream and downstream sectors, with the aim of stabilising the competitiveness of the German poultry industry on a sustainable basis. The trade magazine DGS - Die Geflügelwirtschaft und Schweineproduktion is the official mouthpiece of the ZDG and its affiliated national and regional organisations.

ZDG web page

Vereinigung Deutscher Landesschafzuchtverbände e. V. (VDL)
(German Sheep Breeders Organisation)

Together with its member associations, the Vereinigung Deutscher Landesschafzuchtverbände (VDL) is the contact point for all topics and questions concerning sheep breeding and farming and products in the sheep industry, not only for sheep farmers, but also for consumers interested in sheep farming. More than 40 breeds of sheep are farmed and bred in Germany.

VDL web page

Bundesverband Deutscher Ziegenzüchter e. V. (BDZ)
(German Goat Breeders Organisation)

The Bundesverband Deutscher Ziegenzüchter e.V. (BDZ) is the national and international body representing interests in the field of goat breeding and farming and the production, processing and marketing of goat’s milk. The association organises national shows and is concerned with promoting and supporting breeds of goat threatened by extinction.

BDZ web page

The following organisations are associate members of ADT:

Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e. V. (DLG)
(German Agricultural Society)

With over 17,000 members, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) is one of the leading organisations of the German agro-alimentary industry. The basis and goal of the DLG is the promotion of scientific and technical progress. To do so, it translates its scientific findings into practice. The DLG is a specialist organisation that is open to all, and is politically and financially independent. It maintains a worldwide exchange of knowledge with leading international practitioners and other specialist organisations.

DLG web page

Vereinigte Tierversicherung a. G. (VTV)

The Vereinigte Tierversicherung Gesellschaft a.G. is the oldest company of the R+V insurance group and the European market leader in animal insurance. It offers live animal insurance and transport insurance for horses and agricultural working animals as well as loss-of-profits insurance for the production of cattle, pigs and poultry.

R+V, VTV web page

German Genetics International GmbH

Logo German Genetics International (GGI)
GGI German Genetics International GmbH is the international marketing organisation for bovine semen of 13 German breeding companies with the emphasis on Holstein and Red Holstein genetics. The company GGI also offers a complete advisory service in relation to cattle breeding and management.

GGI web page

Spermex GmbH

Spermex GmbH, which imports and exports frozen animal sperm, is an amalgamation of 9 insemination organisations from southern and eastern Germany. It places particular emphasis on the dominant species in the area in which its insemination organisations are active, namely German Fleckvieh, Brown Swiss and some beef breeds.

Spermex GmbH web page

Messe Berlin GmbH

Messe Berlin GmbH is a service company which organises and implements regional, national and international trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences as well as other events. With its international programme of trade fairs and more than 80 of its own events and guest events hosted beneath the Berlin Radio Tower, Messe Berlin ranks as one of the world's top ten exhibition companies. The trade show and convention industry is a key economic factor in the Berlin-Brandenburg area.

Messe Berlin GmbH web page

ADT Projekt GmbH

Logo ADT Projekt GmbH

The ADT Projekt GmbH is a specialised consulting enterprise, located in Bonn, Germany, that focuses on planning and implementing international agricultural, rural development and food projects. Since 1995 ADT Projekt has been working for governments, public institutions as well as for enterprises and organisations of agriculture and food industry in more than 30 countries.

ADT Projekt GmbH web page

Caisley International GmbH

Caisley Logo

Caisley International is a medium-sized company based in Bocholt, Germany, which is specialized on the production of modern animal identification systems, especially ear tags. The company focuses on practically orientated product innovations and is meanwhile exporting to over one hundred countries. Different articles of livestock breeding and veterinary surgeon’s products complement the offer in the agricultural sector. For the industry, Caisley is delivering plastic parts produced by injection moulding. A further innovation was Caisley's introduction of lasers for labelling their ear tags. The company's own developments in the field of laser technology led to the evolution of the production and sale of laser labelling equipment as falling within the overall range of goods supplied by the company.

Caisley web page

R+V Vereinigte Tierversicherung - Versicherungslösungen für Tierzüchter und Landwirte
R+V AG - Partner der ADT
International Green Week 2018 in Berlin

For the professionals it is the world’s most important agricultural policy event, for the public a unique and memorable experience: This year’s International Green Week Berlin once again served the interests of both groups of visitors. Between 19 and 28 January some 400,000 visitors flocked to the exhibition halls at Berlin’s Funkturm, including 90,000 trade visitors. Please read the official closing report:

closing report

ADT Projekt GmbH
Logo ADT Projekt GmbH
The ADT Projekt GmbH is a specialised consulting enterprise, located in Bonn, Germany, that focuses on planning and implementing international agricultural, rural development and food projects. Since 1995 ADT Projekt has been working for governments, public institutions as well as for enterprises and organisations of agriculture and food industry in more than 30 countries. >>>
European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals (EPRUMA)
The European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals (EPRUMA) was established in 2005 with the mission of promoting the responsible use of medicines in animals in the EU. In November 2008, it has published a Best - practice framework for the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals in the EU. >>>