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ADT - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Tierzüchter e.V.
Head Office: Adenauerallee 174 • 53113 Bonn • Germany
EU liaision office: Rue du Luxembourg 47-51 • 1050 Brussels • Belgium

European Federation for Animal Health and Sanitary Security (FESASS)


The European Federation for Animal Health and Sanitary Security (Féderation Européenne pour la Santé Animale et la Securité Sanitaire, FESASS) is an European organization representing breeders in the field of animal health. It currently gathers organizations from nine EU Member States:
- France (Federation of Animal Health Services, GDS France)
- Germany (German Animal Breeders' Federation, ADT)
- Italy (Breeders organization, AIA)
- Belgium (Animal Health Service in Flanders and Wallonia, dgz and arsia)
- Luxembourg (Breeders' cooperative, Convis)
- The Netherlands (Gezondheidsdienst voor dieren, GD)
- Portugal (regional animal health services UADSA, Alentejo and UCADESA, Northern Portugal)
- Spain (Pig producers association Anprogapor)
- Ireland (Animal Health Ireland, AHI)
-Austria (Nachhaltige Tierhaltung Österreich, ntö)

The FESASS was founded in December 2001 under the patronage and in presence of then-Commissioner for Health and Consumers David Byrne. The FESASS pursues several objectives:
- defending and strengthening the sanitary status of the EU livestock inventory and the quality of its products,
- working at the valorisation of live animals and their products towards the consumer and the world market,
- helping and, if necessary, coordinating its members’ efforts in achieving their own goals,
- being a place of information exchange and debate, thereby enabling the development of general orientation proposals in terms of policy, techniques and sanitary safety,
- harmonizing the technical points of view of its adherents in order to work out common strategies.

The presidents of FESASS:
Bernard TERRAND (France, Dec 2001 - Jun 2009)
Didier DELMOTTE (Belgium, since June 2009)

Alain C. Cantaloube (GDS France) is the Secretary-general of the Federation (contact alain.cantaloube@fesass.eu). Since December 2017 the Brussels' office of FESASS is located in 21, Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, 1000 Brussels.

FESASS has laid down its common fundamentals, the values it adheres to and its policy objectives in a strategic plan:

You may download the Annual Reports of FESASS in the French section of this homepage (/fesass_fr.html).

Position papers of FESASS:

open_in_newFirst position paper on CAHP (September 2005)

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Green Week 2024: Successful global dialogue platform for politics and the industry
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From 19 to 28 January 2024, the Grüne Woche turned the Berlin exhibition grounds into the number one dialogue platform for politics and the industry. This year, the leading international trade fair for agriculture, food and horticulture was dominated by the national farmer protests. Chancellor of Germany Scholz, eight federal ministers and numerous politicians took the opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with representatives from agriculture and food. Another focus was on international food security, the future of agriculture, culinary trends and sustainable innovations. Around 275,000 visitors attended the Grüne Woche.
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ADT Project Consulting GmbH
ADT Project Consulting

The ADT Project Consulting GmbH is a specialised consulting enterprise, located in Bonn, Germany, that focuses on planning and implementing international agricultural, rural development and food projects. Since 1995 ADT Project has been working for governments, public institutions as well as for enterprises and organisations of agriculture and food industry in more than 50 countries.

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